Are all custom foot orthotics the same?

No, many patients say they tried orthotics and they didn't work. A device from a chiropractor or physcial therapist or even a podiatrist who doesn't specialize in orthotics is nothing like a well made custom functional foot orthotic made by one of our physicians.

Will my orthotics last forever?

No material lasts forever and your feet can change. If you weight 300 pounds, your orthotics may only last a year. If you run marathons or play soccer every day they might last a year as well. If you use them every day but don't beat on them too much, they will probably last 3 to 4 years.

Should I try to cut out my ingrown toenail?

Ingrown toenails can get really nasty if you try to do bathroom surgery on them. It is amazing how many people give themselves a nasty infection by trying to shove a dirty nail clipper or cuticle scissor under the nail plate to try and dig out an ingrown. We have special tools that can get it out quickly and painlessly! Contact us for an appointment before you inflict self harm and risk an infection!

How do I know when I need foot surgery?

The need for foot surgery is a decision made with you and your podiatrist after an evaluation. You should meet the following 2 criteria if you are considering proceeding with surgery.

  • Your foot condition is limiting your ability to do the things you like, love or have to do.
  • Your foot condition if not corrected would put you at risk of serious complications, such as severe disability, leg loss, severe infection or the like.
  • You have tried and failed some conservative options.

If you have not met these criteria you should be evaluated by a podiatrist to discuss further options.

Will surgical implant(s) in my foot set off the metal detector at the airport?

Most implants used in the foot including screws, plates and joint replacements do not set off the metal detectors at airport. Even larger implants like hips and knees can sometimes escape detection. If you have had more extensive foot surgery for a trauma or foot reconstruction implants may set off the detectors, but this is not common.

What is the Proper Way to Cut Your Toenails?

Toenails should be cut straight across with toenail cutters then smoothed at the edges with an emory board. Digging too much into the corners can cause an ingrown toenail. Remember to clean your toenail cutters with alcohol every time you cut your toenails!

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